Masjid Al-Badri, Chicago, IL, USA

Discover the Vibrant Community and Serenity Around Masjid Al-Badri in Willowbrook, Chicago

The area around Masjid Al-Badri, located at 10S252 Kingery Highway (Rt 83) in Willowbrook, Illinois, is a suburban neighborhood in the greater Chicago area. Willowbrook is a village in DuPage County, approximately 20 miles southwest of downtown Chicago.

The immediate vicinity of Masjid Al-Badri is primarily residential, with single-family homes and townhouses dotting the area. The neighborhood offers a peaceful and serene atmosphere for residents and visitors alike. The mosque itself serves as a spiritual and community center for the local Muslim population.

Just a short drive from the mosque, you can find commercial areas and amenities. Shopping centers, grocery stores, restaurants, and other retail establishments are conveniently accessible, providing residents with various options for their daily needs.

The location of Masjid Al-Badri also benefits from its proximity to several parks and recreational areas. The nearby Bemis Woods South and Waterfall Glen Forest Preserves offer opportunities for outdoor activities, such as hiking, biking, picnicking, and nature walks.

Transportation options in the area include major roadways like Route 83 (Kingery Highway) and Interstate 55, making it relatively easy to commute to other parts of the city or explore the surrounding suburbs. Public transportation services, such as buses and commuter trains, are available in the vicinity, providing additional convenience for residents and visitors.

Overall, the area around Masjid Al-Badri in Willowbrook, Illinois, offers a blend of residential tranquility, commercial amenities, and natural beauty, providing a pleasant living environment for the local community.

Masjid Al-Badri, Chicago, IL (10S252 Kingery Hwy (Rt 83) Willowbrook, IL 60527, USA)

Telephone:  1-(630) 320 - 0638 (Please notify if any change)

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